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Share Your Passion

Introducing SYP!. The first social media loyalty program that rewards you for your influence.

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You have more influence than you think

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Share Your Passion

Introducing SYP!

SYP! is a social media loyalty platform designed to reward you for promoting the places you frequent.  You earn points by posting about your experience - the higher the engagement the more points you earn.  The points are redeemable for rewards, discounts, and free stuff at any participating establishment - from e-commerce shops to retailers and restaurants.


Take a picture, make a video, write a review...express yourself.  Let everyone know about your favorite places


Share it with your friends and followers. SYP! automatically calculates the social media value of your post and you receive points based on the level engagement.


Use your points for discounts and free food or drinks at  your favorite participating retailer, restaurant or online store.

Get rewarded for what you already do

Where to use SYP!



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